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Made in the US – You Bet

by edithsinc on July 19, 2017 No comments


Made in the USA



Recently, there has been an effort to stress Made In the USA.

Bezi™ Bra Discs™ are made here in the US.

Why?  In order to answer that question, let me give you a little of the back story.  Our company is Edith’s, Inc. —  founded by Edith who was a European-trained designer of bras and corsets.  Edith came to the US from Hungary and eventually opened her own lingerie shop in Princeton, New Jersey.


Having lived through World War II in Europe, Edith was grateful, beyond words, to have an opportunity to start a new life in the US.  “What a wonderful country where anything is possible.”  Those were the words that she and my grandparents instilled in me. I am her daughter and First Generation American.

In the 80’s when Edith started to see more and more advertising of foreign-made garments, her response was — “why should I buy bras made oversees, when we have such good factories here in the US?”.  She also stressed that if we purchase foreign-made garments, we are putting our neighbors out of work.  Her words definitely ring true today.  Many of those lingerie factories that we purchased garments from are no longer in existence.

Now, it’s true.  I shop on the internet as well as in local stores.  Do I always look to see where something is made?

But — having said all of that; when we decided to manufacture Bezi™ Bra Discs™, I definitely insisted that they be manufactured here in the US.

What are the trade-offs.  It may be cheaper to manufacture overseas; however:

  • Manufacturing overseas, you don’t always know if quality will be maintained.  And, what recourse do you have if you receive damaged product.
  • What are the costs of importing products?
  • Manufacturing overseas means that there are delays in getting product rapidly.  Sometimes orders must be placed months in advance.

I absolutely love the fact that Bezi™ Bra Discs™ are made in the US.  It was great visiting the factory.  We purchase our plastic boxes and foam packaging inserts from a US manufacturer.  And, our paper package inserts are locally produced.

Thank you for discovering our product.  The best way in which we can support our neighbors, is to shop from local businesses as well as independent internet businesses and look for a “Made in the US” label.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA Stamp



edithsincMade in the US – You Bet

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