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Entrepreneurs, Friends, and the Power of Women

by edithsinc on September 10, 2017 No comments

Yesterday, I was at an event in Princeton, NJ, sponsored by AOWIE – Association of Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs.  This organization was founded by Lisa Ascolese, a recognized entrepreneur and inventor who has been featured on QVC as well as on other television shows.

AOWIE - Association of Women Inventors & Entrepreneurs

Association of Women Inventors & Entrepreneurs

The event was amazing.  A room filled with women and men – inventors and entrepreneurs.  It’s impossible to describe the light, glow, and energy in the room.  You could actually feel the buzz as people networked, shopped, and exchanged stories.

The event started with Audrey Davis-Dunning (Get Your Goddess) dancing into the room with the sound of a drummer.  Audrey celebrates life and power through her dance — but, she also inspired us to love and honor the Goddess in ourselves.

If you’re an entrepreneur, and have experienced too many hours alone, AOWIE is an organization for you.  This event, for me, meant being in a room with like-minded people who could understand and appreciate the hard work and guts that it took to be where I am.  Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart.

As part of the program, Lisa offered attendees an opportunity to pitch to a Shark Tank Scout – Brandon Andrews.  Brandon spoke to us about his background, experience and the importance of friendship.  He was gracious and kind with questions.  The inventors had two minutes to introduce themselves and their products.  Those of us who already had products and vendor tables also had an opportunity to introduce ourselves and our products.

To say that I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this event is an understatement.

I invite you to check out AOWIE – Association of Woman Inventors & Entrepreneurs – “Lifting Each Other UP Two Hands at a Time”  Check out what you missed — Event on 9/9/17



edithsincEntrepreneurs, Friends, and the Power of Women

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