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by edithsinc on October 21, 2016 No comments

I’ve been stuck in conflict since childhood.  What have I done?  What have I said?  What will people thelection-short-skirtsink?  What does my image say about me.  I’ve been wracked with guilt for years.

When I was young, we learned that everything, we wrote on paper and sent to people, was out in the world forever.  Today, everything is instant and our image can easily be found on the web.  Everything we say, everything we write, and everything we see is out there forever for everyone to comment on.

I am bombarded by election news — candidates, and pundits, speaking about everything that the candidates have said and done.  I can’t imagine looking into a crystal ball and seeing everything I’ve said and done.  I can’t imagine trying to defend every moment of my life?

Having said that — I am currently reading “The 10X Rule.”  In it, the author, Grant Cordone, suggests that we have to take responsibility for our lives and refuse to be the victim.  In a world of fashion faux pas, this may lead to Bezi™ Bra Discs™.

Bezi™ Bra Discs™ – The Connection

Years ago, while watching a concert on TV, I was shocked to see that as the singer walked on-stage, her dress was transparent – you could see her legs through her skirt.  Last week, I was at an event.  Several women went onto a stage.  They each had beautiful short dresses on.  Unfortunately, their dresses were very short.  Although, the dresses were just short at ground level, on stage, the audience was looking up.  I actually remember almost nothing that followed.  I held my breath that their underwear would not be exposed.  How embarrassing – and it wasn’t even me?  I am sure that each of these women would have wanted every member of the audience to appreciate what they were doing, and not a possible fashion disaster.

As women, we all check out our outfits in a mirror before leaving the house.  What do we look for?  Do we check to see if our skirts/dresses reveal anything?  And, do we think about what might show if an unusual circumstance that might arise.

Years ago, I was told of a circumstance where men in an office thought it fun to turn the air-conditioning down before a weekly meeting and watched a female colleague, wearing a tee shirt, enter the room.  Would she, at that moment, want a photograph taken with “headlights” showing?

The point – Don’t be a victim to “Headlights.”  As women, our voices should be heard without distraction!  Try Bezi™ Bra Discs™ and let me know what you think.

edithsincElections, Candidates, Short Skirts

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