TEDx Hoboken Women – How We Showed Up!

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Seeing and meeting speakers through a computer screen is not the same.  In the past, TEDx was a segment on NPR, a video, a podcast.  Last Saturday, I got to experience a TEDx event live in Hoboken, New Jersey, with an exceptional line-up of speakers as well as amazing entertainment.

The theme, “How Do You Show Up?” was sponsored by TEDx Hoboken Women 2018.  Driving from Pennsylvania to Hoboken scared me to my core.  I hate the confusion of the drive, the exits, and the threat of being in the Holland or Lincoln Tunnel unable to turn around.  The event was to start at 9:30.  Would I be in Mid-Town Manhattan instead of Hoboken?

I wasn’t even supposed to be there.  A friend had the ticket and had to cancel.  As often happens, my mouth opened and I heard a voice say — “I’ll take the ticket.”  So there I was.  I showed up.

She Believed She Could... Holiday Ornament

A Holiday Ornament 2018

Disclosure – I know one of the speakers, Roe Couture-DeSaro.  I made the ornament, pictured on the left, for Roe as a gift to celebrate her participation as a speaker.  (I also knew that Kristin Hartness would be speaking about Ziggy the Pig, a member of her family.)

Roe is the Managing Director of the Central New Jersey Chapter of E-Women.  She has also been my coach. Through our coaching sessions, Roe was able to help me define my core desires and professional mission.  This TEDx Talk encapsulated a very small part of her program.

The title of Roe’s talk was Conversational Cocktails.  It was about having meaningful healthy conversations that create new possibilities.  How often do we meet people and immediately make assumptions.  Are we engaged with the people around us?  And, are we our authentic selves or projecting a trompe l’oeil facade that we have constructed?  How does this play out in our everyday personal and professional lives?  Are we present?  And, do we ask real questions?

Kristin Hartness was a delight when she spoke of her travels with Ziggy the Pig and Toby the Turkey.  The stories themselves were great to listen to; however, the deep seated connection between Kristin and her companions was warm and heartfelt.  Ziggy the Pig and Toby the Turkey, at that moment, became real beings with personality and feelings.  They became members of her family.

Lisa Lieberman-Wang spoke about the three letters that exist, unnoticed, in the word “Believe.”  The three letters are “Lie.”  How many of our beliefs are actually rooted in lies which we tell ourselves and believe to be true?  How is it that we can intellectually know something is not true and yet still believe it.

Julie Lineberger, founder of Wheelpad, spoke about how her company started as a desire to help her godson.  Wheelpad has become a passion and a mission to assist disabled people obtain wheelchair-friendly space.

These are just a snippets of my notes and takeaways.  Now that I have had time to reflect, what can I say about the day and experience?

TEDx Hoboken 2018I will probably not rescue farm animals.  I may never have the wisdom to be a coach or create an architectural innovation; however, I have been blessed to be inquisitive and to have gratitude and appreciation for the abilities of others.  When I was young, I was dismissed by a piano teacher who did not mince words when she told my mother that she was wasting time and money instructing me.  My takeaway?  I will never be a pianist; however, every performer needs an appreciative audience.  I love being a member of the audience.

Meet Roe Couture DeSaro, Franki DeSaro, and me (in the back).  If you are ever given an opportunity to experience a TEDx talk in person, my advice is to jump at it.

Anne Zuckerman
Edith’s, Inc. & PS Toad



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edithsincTEDx Hoboken Women – How We Showed Up!

OUR – Operation Underground Railroad – Operation Toussaint – Check it Out!

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OUR - Operation Underground Railroad

Video – Operation Underground Railroad


My Unexpected Experience

Every day we all have unexpected experiences that change our thoughts, understanding, and lives.  One of those very days, for me, was last year.

I needed to update my business communications and happened upon a company called ClickFunnels.  When I signed up, I also signed up for their 2018 Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Most conferences are an extended sales experience; however, not this one.  You see – Russell Brunson emphasizes “value first.”  So – the first day, he introduced us to Tim Ballard, founder of OUR – Operation Underground Railroad.

This new documentary called “Operation Toussaint” is the true story that follows Tim Ballard, and his team of tactical operatives on a mission into Haiti to infiltrate and disband a ring of sex traffickers and rescue a group of innocent children from a life of sex slavery.

Click Here to View Video – Operation Toussaint

After you have seen the trailer, you will have an opportunity to see the entire film.  I’ve seen the film and can say that I was truly moved.  Many of us see our surroundings through our own rose-colored glasses.  This film gives us an opportunity to meet some brave men who have chosen to make a difference.

Please take this opportunity to help support their mission.

Thank you.

For more information about ClickFunnels, please send me an e-mail at – contact@edithsinc.com   – or watch the following –

ClickFunnels – Intro Video

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edithsincOUR – Operation Underground Railroad – Operation Toussaint – Check it Out!

The Fork In the Road – Choose a Path – Plata O Plomo

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A Fork in the Road

As part of a challenge, I was given a tee shirt with the words “Plata O Plomo.”  The literal translation is “Silver or Lead.”  The saying dates back to the drug cartels of the ’70’s.  Take the money or get shot.

What does this mean today?  In the context in which I received the shirt, the meaning is to make a commitment and stick to it because that is the only choice.  Make the choice.

Entrepreneurship is a path.  It is not for the faint of heart.  I dove, head first, into this life.  I inherited some money, saw an opportunity, and said “now or never.”  All my life, I was told that my ideas were a mistake.  But, what if there was opportunity?

So — here we are at a place in history where anything is possible.  I wear my role as an Entrepreneur proudly and my journey starts fresh every day.

Getting a patent, manufacturing a product, and forming a wholesale business was just the beginning.  I now have a strong desire to help other small businesses expand through the vehicle of Sales Funnels.

How does it work?  A company called ClickFunnels, has platform on which anyone can build a sales funnel that can be used to introduce customers to a business as well as to  products.  This link takes you to a video which explains how it works — ClickFunnels  The questions to ask yourself are:

  • How Creative Are You?
  • What is Your Passion?
  • Who Do You Want to Serve?
  • Are You Willing to Work Hard?

My journey has just begun again.  In the coming months, I will be sharing some of the best times, some of my accomplishments and insights, and my progress.

Are you ready for — “Plata O Plomo”?



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edithsincThe Fork In the Road – Choose a Path – Plata O Plomo

Time’s Up – Are Women Being Objectified

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My Aching Feet

My Aching Feet

CBS Sunday Morning and The Issue of Women Being Objectified

Sunday means sitting down to watch Sunday Morning on CBS.  On January 14th, 2018, Oprah had a wonderful segment in which she interviewed a group of women regarding all of the recent lawsuits and injustices that women face in the workplace.

Have women become objectified or have many of us become invisible?  I believe that both have always been and are still true.  Why would women have submitted to wearing corsets, pointed high heels, and binding girdles if not to be attractive and be noticed.  And, how is it that some women make their voices heard and others stay silent?

When I was young, many women were encouraged to forego education and get married.  And, if you decided to have a career, the options were teacher, nurse, or secretary.  Thank goodness those beliefs are gone.  Women, today, have more possibilities than ever.  We can truly be whatever we want — but, at what price?

As a young woman, I worked in Washington, DC, as a secretary.  I had no street smarts, was naive, and had no self-esteem.  I did not have super-model looks and actually looked much younger than was.  This saved me, but, I was invisible.  It has taken me years to find my voice and be heard.

I was watching a reality TV show.  It seemed that almost every woman was wearing a low cut dress with artificial breasts and “headlights.”  Was I paying attention to dialog?  I have no idea what was being said.  I was too busy trying to figure out if the breasts were real.  There is nothing wrong with being attractive.  But, women’s voices also need to be heard.

I truly believe that we, as women, are smart.  We should never be invisible.  Following, is a link to the Sunday Morning segment.  What, as women, have learned from recent events?  And, how can each of us make a difference?

This morning on CBS-Sunday Morning, Oprah interviewed a group of amazing women.

‘CBS Sunday Morning’: Oprah, Shonda Rhimes, Reese Witherspoon Say Time’s Up For Silence – And Woody Allen?      CBS – Sunday Morning


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edithsincTime’s Up – Are Women Being Objectified

What Can Flying Teach You

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What does it mean to be an entrepreneur, an independent business owner, to be in control of every decision made within your company?  It’s daunting, to say the least, but, those of us who do it would never trade it in for a 9 to 5 job.  Or, as some would say a J. O. B.  We work long hours and way too many days, but, the personal rewards are many.  OK — the down side — we’re isolated and lose track of our accomplishments.

But — what if you could attend a workshop to focus on the positive?  And — the opening activity was an opportunity to Fly? Well, that was the offer that I jumped at.  Linda Waterhouse, of WSI Web Systems offered a half day workshop in King of Prussia, PA.

We met at the IFly facility in King of Prussia, and had an opportunity to watch a training of some of the facility’s trainers by their regional boss.  Looks quite a bit easier than it is.  Next, we watched a safety video and learned hand signals.  It was a bit scary and I wasn’t sure I wanted to leave the room.  However, it was suit-up time, the goggles, the ear plugs, and the helmet.

IFly - WSI Web Systems Workshop

IFly – WSI Web Systems Workshop

You’ve seen videos of people jumping out of planes.  We did it without the plane.  Now, I have to tell you that the day before I was at my attorney’s office talking about revamping my Will.  At this point, I truly wondered whether I’d live to actually sign my Will.

There you are, with your hands in the air, literally falling onto a cloud of air.  And, suddenly, you’re floating — around, watching your friends clapping, feeling the instructor guiding you.  But wait – there’s more!  We had three opportunities to fly.  And, during the last flight, we were given an opportunity to do a “high fly” with an instructor guiding.  It was Amazing.

We then left for the workshop.  What did we learn from the experience?  How can we integrate the experience into our own self-talk, self-confidence, and our business branding.  After all, You define your brand.  But, in order to define your brand, you have to start with who you truly are.  I had an opportunity to do a lot of introspection.  I also learned quite a bit about my workshop partner and her perceptions of me.

Large businesses offer these types of workshops to build teamwork.  If you’re on your own, you have no team; however, maybe you can create one.  I would suggest that being with other entrepreneurs may be a way of having that team.

Think about:

High Fly - WSI Web Systems Workshop

High Fly – WSI Web Systems Workshop

  • Where do you feel your limitations are?
  • Where do you feel like you’re stuck?
  • Where do you feel like you’re “not” amazing?

This workshop will be offered again in January, 2018.  It will fill up fast.  To get your name on a list, please contact  —- Linda Waterhouse of  WSI Web Systems

I’m ready to do it again!  Are you?




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