Historical Note – Edith and The Pink Frog

Edith’s, Inc. started as a Lingerie Shop in Princeton, New Jersey.  Edith was a trained lingerie and corset designer from Europe.  The store closed after Edith passed away and her daughter Anne, with the help of an engineer,  developed and patented Bezi™ Bra Discs™  Edith’s is committed to solving a problem and manufacturing products in the USA.

Why the Pink Frog?  When Edith opened her store, she asked Anne what color the walls should be painted.  Anne said pink, her favorite color.  The story is that a customer brought Edith a reclining ceramic frog as a gift when the store opened.  Customers thought that Edith collected frogs and continued to bring her frogs — hence the logo with the Pink Frog.

Are You A Runner?

Runners often experience nipple chafing and abrasion. Bezi™ Bra Discs™ provide you with protection you need. Bezi™ Bra Discs™ were created to hide nipple protrusion but work great for athletes who need protection from repeated chaffing. made of a non-latex resin, they are placed inside a bra or tight-fitting shirt that has a shelf bra. They do not have adhesive; however, body heat holds them in place and makes them stick.

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Work Out at the Gym?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed nipple protrusion? Women who wear multiple layers may not have a problem; however, if you work out in front of a mirror and don’t want a baggy tee shirt getting in your way, Bezi™ Bra Discs™ are a great solution.

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