Bra Discs are worn with a bra and are the perfect solution to women’s concerns with nipple protrusion. Women love to wear beautiful sexy clothing: however, when nipple protrusion is evident, a woman’s professional appearance may be compromised. Note: Bra Discs MUST be worn with a bra. They are non-adhesive. Bra Discs are available in Blush and Mocha and are packaged in a convenient storage case. Bra Discs blend with a woman’s natural skin tones under most bras.

Nipple Protrusion a Challenge?

Many women, young and old, at some time in their lives, have put on an outfit, looked in the mirror and realized that their nipples were showing.

Silicone CoverUps vs. Non-Latex Resin

Many of the existing nipple covers are made of silicone or are silicone pillows. Bezi™ Bra Discs™ are a patented product made of a non-latex resin.

Bra Shopping

The original Edith’s was a lingerie shop in Princeton, NJ. As a fitter, Edith aimed to help women, of all sizes, find bras that would not only fit, but also give them the look they wanted.

Wearing and Use Instructions

Bezi™ Bra Discs™ must be worn with a bra, shelf bra, or bandeau.  After adjusting your garment, center the Bezi™ Bra Disc™ between your breast and the garment.

Does your bra fit

Complimentary Report

Learn how to determine your correct bra size and assess the different types of bras out there.

Let Your Beauty Shine Through…Not Your Nipples

``They are Awesome!....Yesterday, I went to a Christmas party and wore a satin blouse with my new Bezi™ Bra Discs™... WOW, no headlights!`` Nancee L: New Jersey

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So What Is The Point Of Bezi Bra Discs?

Exactly — The point is … no more points. Put an end to those revealing and embarrassing moments with Bezi™ Bra Discs™ the perfect solution to “Headlights.”

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